Cardiac Arrest – How To Recognize the Signs

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The most troublesome part of a cardiac arrest is that by the time onlookers realize what’s happening it’s often too late to help the victim since the heart has already stopped working. Here in this article you will see some of the risk factors as well as warning signs that a cardiac arrest may be on the horizon. When it comes to cardiac arrest it is imperative to immediately get the heart working again.

It’s important to realize that cardiac arrest can happen to people with or without signs or symptoms, but certain factors make them more likely candidates. People who have diabetes or are obese pose a greater risk for developing heart problems that include cardiac arrest. The use of recreational drugs is also a significant risk factor, as this can cause all kinds of irregularities in your heart, which can lead to cardiac arrest. Celebrity deaths that are listed as cardiac arrest deaths are often the result cardiac arrest brought on by a drug overdose.

In most cases there are no signs of cardiac arrest before the victim becomes unconscious. Cardiac arrest must be considered when people lose consciousness for any reason. When this occurs, there is a lack of a pulse and CPR or the use of a defibrillator must be applied if the person’s life is to be saved.

While an ambulance should be called, in most cases there isn’t enough time to wait for medical attention to arrive, which is why it’s a good idea for people to be trained in CPR. Cardiac arrest can be the condition occurring when someone passes out suddenly and it should be considered serious.

Certain birth defects also render a person more vulnerable to heart conditions that include cardiac arrest. One such condition is an enlarged heart. Taking the right medicines and monitoring the heart properly can lower the risks. In some cases, a heart specialist might recommend that they get an internal defibrillator, which is a way to stimulate the heart with an electrical current if it suddenly stops. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, but certain pre-existing conditions such as birth defects can make it more likely. Keep these common signs, symptoms, and risk factors of cardiac arrest in mind. There’s nothing to guarantee it won’t happen to you but it is possible to lower the risks.

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Cardiac Arrest – How To Recognize the Signs

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This article was published on 2011/01/05