Know The Signs Of Cardiac Arrest

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One of the most lethal medical conditions known to man is cardiac arrest. This condition, by itself, isn’t a disease; instead it’s the outcome of heart disease and/or other medical conditions. Eliminate common risk factors and lead a healthy lifestyle if you want to avoid this condition. What follows are some signs of cardiac arrest that can sometimes be noticed, although in some cases there are no obvious signs.

In some instances, there are no signs of heart problems before cardiac arrest but that is definitely an exception and not the general rule. A cardiac arrest is more likely to occur among people who have high blood pressure, heart disease, or who have already experienced one heart attack. The risks can be reduced by those in the high risk group through close medical monitoring and medication. Heart patients who take the proper medicines and make the right adjustments in their lifestyles can significantly improve the odds of avoiding cardiac arrest.

One of the deadliest things about cardiac arrest is that it often occurs very quickly. However, there are sometimes warning signs that can enable others to call for help in time to save the victim’s life. Someone who is having symptoms such as shortness of breath or heart palpitations, especially if there is any history of heart problems, should be considered at risk for cardiac arrest. Naturally, these symptoms can occur for many reasons and don’t necessarily indicate cardiac arrest, but they should always be taken seriously. The sooner help is given in such situations, the better the chances of survival. If you aren’t absolutely sure it isn’t cardiac arrest it is better to call an ambulance; you may actually save a life.

Talk to your doctor about any concerns you have about cardiac arrest and to get ideas on how to prevent it. Your doctor can tell you about lifestyle changes that can help or if your case is serious, they may even suggest getting an internal defibrillator. Getting an external defibrillator is a less extreme measure but still gives you a way to get the heart restarted. While you can purchase a defibrillator privately, they are most often used by emergency technicians. But before you purchase any machinery, talk to your doctor about your risk factors for cardiac arrest and what can be done to prevent it. Because cardiac arrest is so serious, take any possible warning signs seriously and seek immediate medical care. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent cardiac arrest but it isn’t possible to predict when it might happen. Watching for the warning signs just covered may save your life.

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Know The Signs Of Cardiac Arrest

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This article was published on 2011/01/07