Signs of Cardiac Arrest to Watch For

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Cardiac arrest may be the deadliest of all medical conditions known to man. This condition, by itself, isn’t a disease; instead it’s the outcome of heart disease and/or other medical conditions. If you don’t want cardiac arrest to happen to you then you must avoid risk factors that are common and live a life that focuses on good cardiac health. Always be on the lookout for these signs of cardiac arrest but remember that the signs may not always be this obvious.

While cardiac arrest sometimes happens to people for no apparent reason, in the majority of cases it occurs when there is already a known heart problem. A cardiac arrest is more likely to occur among people who have high blood pressure, heart disease, or who have already experienced one heart attack. Medication and careful medical attention can further reduce those risks. Heart patients who take the proper medicines and make the right adjustments in their lifestyles can significantly improve the odds of avoiding cardiac arrest.

One of the most lethal factors of cardiac arrest is how fast it happens. At times, paying attention to the warning signs can actually help you save a life. A person displaying symptoms like shortness of breath or heart palpitations may be in the midst of a cardiac arrest especially if these is a history of heart disease. While these symptoms are not absolute signs of cardiac arrest they should not easily be dismissed as symptoms either. The faster help is received the greater the odds of surviving. Therefore, if you aren’t certain if someone is showing possible signs of cardiac arrest, it’s better to be safe and call an ambulance, as this could be the difference between life and death.

Your doctor can help you with ways to prevent cardiac arrest if you are concerned. He or she may suggest lifestyle changes or perhaps even having an internal defibrillator implanted in your chest. An external defibrillator, which is used to restart the heart after cardiac arrest, can be purchased as well. These are the devices used by emergency technicians, but they can also be purchased privately. See your doctor to find out about your risk factors of cardiac arrest and what to do to prevent it before buying anything. Because cardiac arrest is so serious, take any possible warning signs seriously and seek immediate medical care. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent cardiac arrest but it isn’t possible to predict when it might happen. Watching for the warning signs just covered may save your life.

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Signs of Cardiac Arrest to Watch For

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This article was published on 2011/01/06